Company History

TS Foods was established in 1981 by husband and wife team, Tony and Ann Steele. Since then, TS Foods has grown into one of Northern Irelands most successful commercial food manufacturers, providing customers with exceptional choice, quality and value.

The company initially began as a popular fish and chip shop, where Tony and Ann identified a gap in the market for value added coated products within the local food service sector. They worked together to create their iconic ‘Chip Shop Pastie’ - the first of its kind to be sold to food retailers throughout Northern Ireland - which was met with unprecedented demand nationwide.

Following its huge success, Tony and Ann developed and marketed an entire range under the popular 'Tony’s Chippy' range from their purpose built premises in Mary Street, Castlewellan.

In 1983, they pin-pointed another gap in the market and became the first food company in Northern Ireland to sell ready prepared fresh breadcrumb stuffing.

In the ensuing years, we have continued to invest strategically in the expansion of our factory in Castlewellan to meet with increasing customer demand and develop new, innovative products. We now house over 100 employees working within many departments, each are highly valued and critical to our success.  

In 2014, we teamed up with Invest Northern Ireland to devote £600k to the creation of 20 new jobs and expansion of sales in the UK. 

To this day, TS Foods has maintains the wholesome family orientated roots it’s known for and is now in the second generation of the Steele family with Joanne Molloy and David Steele at the helm of the ever expanding business.